We all want to cook to impress our family or friends, who else is there?  

By using this step by step instructioned, pre-portioned, fresh ground, spice kit- YOU will go from soccer mom chef to celeberty in home chef status!  There are 3 of the most popular Indian favorites, Tandoori Butter chicken, Korma & Vindaloo.

Each recipe feeds 4.


The worlds desire to cook with spices has to do with much more than just flavor, it also has to do with the way eating spices make you feel. Spices have been used for centuries to cure ailments from body to brain and your family will enjoy the whole cooking process from start to finish.


Share this kit with friends easily by mail, then Zoom, that is the best part of this kit, the EXPERIENCE part!


All diet friendly


Learn to cook Indian spice kits-3 sets