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Born in Vancouver, Paul Gill has spent almost his entire life in the food service industry. His love and passion for creating authentic food has always been the driving force behind all his food and restaurant ventures. From his humble beginnings, working at age 11, at the family restaurants in Alberta, to building and operating multiple  fine Indian restaurants across Arizona, Colorado and Vancouver, Paul has always kept his integrity to provide the absolute best quality food and service to all of his beloved customers. Paul married Pari from Punjab India in 2003 and she lead the charge to leave behind restaurants and grow forward into large scale food manufacturing, and online sales. Now, after almost 40 years after serving his first customer, Sutra Sauces are produced at Arbutus Farms Kitchen, a state of the art facility, HACCP & SQF Certified.

Sutra Sauces are available across Western Canada in select stores, Sutra Spices has shipped thousands of all across the globe.

 Paul now lives in Port Alberni, B.C. with his wife and two children, Aanya and Yash who race motocross. 

 To see more of our family restaurant history checkout our You Tube.


Why  "Fresh Frozen" Sauces? Well, we'll be honest. We didn't think of this years ago. Sutra's Best Simmer Sauces were really born out of the idea that people everywhere, still love to play "Chef" at home. Whether we are young or old, we all enjoy being creative in the kitchen. The problem is that most of us just don't have the time to prepare and then cook a decently healthy yet delicious meal for ourselves or our family. For decades we have been listening to what our loyal customers have been wanting and this line of sauces was really created out of necessity.  Most Indian sauces are found on the store shelf not the freezer, and they are imported, you know they are high in salt and you really dont know what else is in it. Our sauces are lovingly made and designed to allow you to be creative by adding your own meats or vegetables and whipping up a meal the whole family will enjoy, usually in under 20 minutes. We think that you will love our Gluten Free sauces, made with love. So go ahead and Bring Out Your Inner Chef!

Image by Pratiksha Mohanty


The worlds desire to cook with spices has to do with much more than just flavor, it also has to do with the way eating spices make you feel. Spices have been used for centuries to cure ailments from body to brain and your family will enjoy the whole cooking process from start to finish.

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